Shape of Water

I was fortunate to work on the visual effects for the Shape of Water. I did a number of concepts and contact sheets that were mostly focused on the dry-to-wet and researching 1960's era-Baltimore.

Tory miles a064 010 styleframe v03 01370

This shot was unfortunately cut from the final edit of the film. We were all very fond of it, however, and dubbed it "The 2001 shot". This was one of the first versions I did which has too much stylized blood. It was after The Asset was injured :(.

Tory miles 001 100 styleframe v01 r03 01631 2

This was an early concept for the opening shot. It was done very quickly and used as inspiration for the eventual environment build. The hallway was practical

Tory miles 001 100 styleframe v01 plate

This was the original plate and hallway set that I started from. One of the most beautiful sets I have ever seen. <3

Tory miles 001 100 styleframe chair v01 02327

The original plate they had a chair floating on wire but the performance was not up to snuff so we replaced the chair and other things with CG elements for the final shot.

Tory miles contact sheet

This was something I made to help guide the eventual environment build and asset artists. Eel-grass was ideal as it mirrored the look of Elisa's hair and grew in brackish water.